Associate program

Our “Associate Program” offers you the possibility of earning an 8% commission of our book sales to any client referred to us by you. Simply, create a link to our web-site ( on YOUR web-site, and fill in the registration form below. In order to enhance your earning potential we suggest that you: position your link at a visible and much frequented location of your web-site.

add to your link a short explanation. For instance: “Visit AKTRIN’s Bookstore containing important Studies and Reports about the Textile Industry, Worldwide” add AKTRIN’s logo to your link and description. You can copy our logo from here.

Your records of accumulated earnings can be accessed by you at any time by logging-in at the bottom of this page. We will pay you your royalties at the end of each calendar quarter if your royalties exceed $100.00. Earnings below $100.00 will be carried forward to the next calendar quarter. Our payments will be made by cheque, or by bank transfer if you instruct us to do so in the comment field of the registration form.