Company Profile and Services

The AKTRIN Textile Information Center was set up in 1985, together with the aim of releasing economical reports and advertising studies concerning the international textile industry. Over time, the organization has gathered among the greatest groups of reports and statistical data concerning this business sector.

The AKTRIN Textile Information Center has developed a strong reputation for the depth of its own studies as well as their relevance in addressing present business concerns. The organization is broadly recognized as an authority on all fabric related issues by the media, authorities and business leaders. We are proud to count among our customers a number of the very reputable and finest corporations in North America and international.

The focus of our studies is:

– Tendencies
– Challenges
– Chances
– Issue areas and weak spots
– Recommendations to improve efficiency and profitability.

Ad The AKTRIN Textile Information Center keeps its head office in Canada. Regional offices are in the united states and Germany. We closely collaborate with several associates and universities, with whom AKTRIN keeps longstanding working relationships. Our network of associates goes over the whole North American continent, Europe and Asia.